In Wroclaw, the most important should be the welfare of its people - wrote in a letter to our editorial Action resident's association. Its representatives also point out that Wroclaw starts dialing the population by key accounts. The most important is for the magistrate those with the thickest wallets. - Such steps betray incompetence and lack of good will municipality - we read in a letter from Action condominiums.

Here is the entire text of the letter:

Wroclaw city for selected.

Just before Easter with koczowiska Roma Street. Kamieńskiego got an order to leave the occupied land for years.

A month earlier a center for the homeless "First Step" got an eviction notice. It begins with "cleansing" of the city?
Tenant Action Association, dealing with the rights lokatorskimi in Wroclaw for a few months is very disturbing behavior of the authorities of the city.

It also reduced the number of repairs and increases resource for municipal waste disposal.

However, when it comes to investments that the city is planning a new football stadium for the Low Meadows, and the site of the present bus station in 2017 is expected to create another shopping mall. At every step you will see the construction of apartment buildings and settlements guarded. Does this mean that changes the image of the city as well ... people?

Director of the Department of Real Estate Acquisition and Sales for city of Wroclaw explained that the sale of municipal property "affects the development of the capital of Lower Silesia and increases its attractiveness to both residents and potential investors." The investment, however, people have more problems than benefits.

Association of First Step, which is engaged in the facility received an order to leave the building at Pulaski 26 while not getting the Resource Management Municipal any alternative accommodation. The new complex is formed near the mill, which will be an exclusive residential unit for lovers of historical monuments.

You can guess that the center for the homeless does not fit the image of a new investment, in addition to mock the sales office does not annex the First Step-in its place is a new building, surrounded by the wide lawn.

Similar problems are living in koczowisku Street. Kamieńskiego Roma. City gave them two weeks to be moved without providing them any alternative. They leave the houses they built with their own hands, the lives and possessions disappear to who knows where.

City not interested in what to them is, for them, only the area occupied by them. Tenant Action expresses its opposition to such activities. As an association of residents of the city, it is believed that the key should be
is their right, regardless of the amount of money in your wallet. The right to housing due to every human being. If municipalities are not able to provide, in addition to working to the detriment of residents (understood as persons living in the area, not necessarily "legalized") indicates that only about their incompetence and bad faith.