We would like to invite you to read the report "Systemic Exclusion and Pathways to Integration. The Situation of the Romanian Roma living in Wrocław/ Poland. December 2014." prepared by Nomada Association. 

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The report presents the case of a group of people, the Roma migrants from Romania, whose extremely difficult economic situation has made them leave their home country and settle in Poland.

The report describes the specifics of this group and their legal and socio-economic circumstances. It demonstrates the discriminatory mechanisms of systemic, social and cultural exclusions and the examples of human rights infringements.

The report presents actions undertaken by the authorities, public institutions and the citizens in response to the ‚crisis situation’. It also summarises Nomada’s three-year work with the community of the Romanian Roma. It pays particular attention to the lawsuit filed against the residents of the Roma encampment by the authorities of the city of Wrocław.

The purpose of this document is to contribute to a public debate concerning the migration of Roma EU citizens, which has accelerated over the last few years. Hopefully, the information it contains can serve as an important step for designing and implementing effective support for economic migrants, that does not violate a dignity or cultural traits of migrating Roma communities.

Photos from presenting of the Report in Capitol Theatre (19th of December 2014):

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fot. Katarzyna Pawlik