Nomada Association and Meeting House of Angelus Silesius are looking for volunteers to work with a group of Romanian Roma

Characteristic of volunteeri:

  • willingness to work with people at risk of exclusion,

  • openness to Roma culture,

  • availability (at least 6 hours. week),

  • lack of stereotypical thinking about Gypsies,

  • resistance to stress, negative reactions from the ambient,

  • psychological resistance,

    Skills are welcome and very useful but not essential:

  • knowledge of administrative law, criminal law, or the ability to move in the Polish and European law,

  • basic knowledge of medical issues,

  • knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English, Romanian and others),

  • experience in raising funds for projects.


  • assisting with visits to the hospital, offices and other types of public institutions,

  • personal contact, telephone and e-mail with public services, offices, doctors, etc..

  • obtaining the information needed at the time, related to a variety of areas of life,

    translation of texts in different languages ​​such as web page, translation of documents, etc.
  • response to current events.

We offer:

  • get interesting experiences,

  • free training on Romani culture conducted by the DAS and a certificate of completion of such a course,

  • courses, training of Roma culture, as well as on violence motivated by prejudice,

  • Voluntary agreement for a minimum of 3 months,

  • the ability to use office Nomada Association in the organization's work hours.


We are interested in long-term cooperation! Enjoy!


Please send cover letter containing information on the candidate's address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.