In April, the threat of eviction of Roma from the camp at. Kamieńskiego with the help of members of the Association of Nomad wrote a letter to the Mayor of Wroclaw. They explained to him my situation and asked for help. The answer, written by hand Jack Sutryka Director of the Department of Social Affairs, coincided with delivery of an identical order to leave the occupied area residents another Wroclaw koczowiska. This encampment was spotted by the media and as a result of the tragedy of Wroclaw's small Samuraela, who died yesterday in a hospital suffering from congenital diseases.

Previous statements of city officials allow us to believe that the city authorities are aware of the full picture of the situation of Roma in Romania. Polish law and the European Union say that "only the registration of residence gives the full right to use state aid, benefits, educational opportunities and legal employment. (...) <By Uzyskać,> the Roma must have a source of income sufficient to cover the costs of maintaining themselves and family members, and health insurance (...). In practice, however, this situation is unprecedented. These people live in complete exclusion, dealing with begging and odd jobs "- are pieces of correspondence of the Department of Social Affairs with other institutions, even with last year. However, in response to our joint letter, in which the Roma do not ask for nothing more than just a question of a legal job, even if the intervention of the authorities advise them to contact the Lower Silesian Provincial Office to register - which required a legal source of income.

Still obscure the fact that the Roma did not attempt to register his whereabouts are just twisting the facts matter. Foreclosure is regarded by the city as an attitude rather than as a social phenomenon, the victim falls as a result of circumstances independent. However, implicit attitude in advance is considered to be a demanding, and the city has come out of its opposite: a solution offering social housing grant. Out of homelessness programs should not include such a first step, Bishop does not support such practices are considered to be effective. They should know that the city, nearly a year declaring that "together with many different institutions and actors work out the most effective solutions in this area."

The conditions in which they live migrant Roma from Romania, are the result of last resort - not a choice in life. Speaking of personal responsibility for their situation of Roma, we must remember that their poverty is passed from generation to generation, and in the absence of planned solutions to the manifold diagram of their children. Whether it is appropriate to require an independent, a complete change in a moment, after several years of not recognizing their stay and silent permit this state of affairs? It seems that, contrary to the declared good willingness and openness to dialogue, Wroclaw authorities do not want to face the problems of the Roma community and their actions seek to remove these people from the Wrocław and shifting problems to other institutions, organizations or municipalities may other cities. But the fact that they plan to get rid of these people in a kind of white gloves and in accordance with the Polish law, and declaring respect for human rights does not mean that these activities achieve any positive effect or to be ethical.

As an association of Romanian Roma Nomada support of Kamieńskiego of two years. Towarzyszyłyśmy them in various situations, asystowałyśmy in efforts to baptize children born in Wroclaw. Now jointly organize a funeral child, whose Polish law only oferowałoby nameless burial. So much we could offer them - our presence in difficult times, support in everyday situations heavy to jump due to poverty and lack of education. We can explain the reality of life in Poland and the Polish law, educate and facilitate access to medical care. These are actions that formed the spontaneously in response to citizens' self-organizing system failure - because aid, including humanitarian aid, which would include those people should certainly be within the competence of state bodies, municipalities and urban areas. Without a coherent concept, involving residents koczowiska to improve their fate, with the involvement in the process of non-governmental organizations and local communities in contact with Roma, the authorities instead of the positive effects will bring another victim.